how to overcome limiting money beliefs with Jen Hemphill

Would you like to learn how to overcome limiting money beliefs? Many people avoid the topic of finances for many reasons. Avoiding the discussion about finances can lead to a lot of stress in our lives. The reason for this is because money can bring up many different emotions within us. These emotions can range from happiness, sadness, or anger. Unfortunately, what may be hindering many Latino entrepreneurs today is limiting money beliefs. 

We develop beliefs about money at a young age. If there was any financial struggle in your family, there is a chance you may have limiting money belief. Also, if you often heard negative things about money, or about people who had money, these beliefs can be hindering your personal and business financial growth.

Unfortunately, this is one area most people don't think about when they are struggling financially. Most often people believe they just have to work harder or be more frugal. Just like having negative beliefs about ourselves keep us from achieving our goals, negative beliefs about money can keep us from achieving our financial goals.

Growing up, I saw a lot of financial struggles. Money was tight. I grew up in an area where people who were in the same financial situation as my family would talk negatively about people who had money. This was not a great start for me and my views towards money and people who had money.

Discover how to overcome limiting money beliefs for good!

In this episode, money expert, Jen Hemphill shares how we can overcome negative money beliefs and start looking at finances in a more beneficial way.

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