Don Daniel Ortiz Latino Entrepreneur

It takes a certain mindset and habits to be successful at any endeavor. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, it is no different.

Don Daniel Ortiz is an award-winning author and creator of the Latino Academy. His passion for entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurs is evident in everything he does.

Latinos Are Born Entrepreneurs

First, entrepreneurs are problem solvers. In other words, entrepreneurs make things better. Ortiz strongly believes entrepreneurs are not made, they are born to lead, to solve problems, and to make something out of very little.

It takes a lot of guts to start a business. There is a lot of risk involved in starting a business. Great risk comes great reward. 

Most often new entrepreneurs are focused on getting their business up and running. But, one thing that is just as important is having the right mindset. In this episode, Don Daniel shares his best tips for Latinos entrepreneurs to develop the right mindset for success.

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