starting and building a restaurant brand with Gabriela Febres

What does it take to start a restaurant? Starting and growing a restaurant is not an easy task. In fact, starting a restaurant is a risky business. Yet, an entrepreneur is a problem solver. They see a need and seek to develop a creative way to fulfill that need. For Gabriela Febres, she saw a need within her own community. So, she took action!

Food and Culture

Like many cultures, food is more than just something to eat. Food can bring back memories and feelings of something special. After seeing there were very few specialty food options for the Venezuelan community, she sought to change this.

Starting a Restaurant

It was not as simple as one may think. Every entrepreneur will tell you, it takes a lot of determination to succeed; however, there is something we all need and it is not often discussed. People. 

Friends, family, and community. This is how Gabriela's story starts. Having been invited to a party and wanting to bring something to the party, little did she know it would change her career and her life.  

Learn more about Gabriela's journey to starting and building a restaurant brand.

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